Hyundai i20 review: as good as the Polo and Fiesta?

Hyundai i20 review: as good as the Polo and Fiesta?

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Ford Pulls an Epic Speed Dating Prank on Unsuspecting Single Men

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air. Or at least it should be, but for the gentlemen featured in Ford’s “Speed Dating” commercial, it’s more a case of false hope and a whole lot of tire smoke. The storyline is simple: Take a bunch of unsuspecting guys and set them up on [ ].

But over the past few years it has progressively renewed its model range, adding design flair and a measure of sophistication. The latest i20 hatchback has undergone just such a transformation. The fact that even the cheapest model comes with five doors adds to the practicality, making it easy to get kids in and out of the back. Boot space is far more impressive; you should be able to fit most folded baby buggies without having to remove a wheel first.

And it rides with the same sort of aplomb as the VW Polo. This is noticeable from the first speed bump, which it negotiates with quiet pliancy. It soaks up potholes and ridges with more calm than most cars in its class, too, but is at its most surprising on battered A-roads, delivering a poise and calm that encourages you to maintain your speed despite the bumps. True, the cheapest i20s feel exactly that, but mid-specification SE models and above have leather finishes to the steering wheel and gear lever knob which make a real difference.

The pedals are well weighted, too, which makes it an easy car to drive smoothly, while the manual gearbox offers a slicker shift action than other Hyundais.


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Speed Dating in the Ford Mustang GT By blogsadmin | Posted in Ford Mustang on Thursday, February 12th, at pm Ford Mustang GT Huntsville Chattanooga. With love in the air and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the different ways that people are getting the attention of their crushes take on many forms.

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Rightfully so, they wanted to know who their daughter was dating and were pleasantly surprised that she brought home a car guy. Her family was all loyal Ford fans, especially Mustangs, so he passed that part of the test. But he almost failed when they discovered he was a Chevy guy.

Feb 10,  · Speed Dating Prank with Sexy Blonde and Ford Mustang Take a red Mustang and a beautiful blonde professional stunt driver. Then, ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to meet her on a .

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Mustang Speed Dating. by mustang6g • February 8, • News • Comments Off on Mustang Speed Dating • What’s better than taking a ride in a new Mustang GT? How about doing so while on a blind date with an attractive professional stunt driver. That is the premise behind Ford’s latest video, only the unsuspecting.

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Resurrecting A Mach 1 Mustang

However, this is largely down to its smaller models; in recent years the Mondeo has been squeezed by a shift in the company car market towards premium brands. Is it a viable alternative to these desirable saloons? Six-footers can stretch right out in both the front and the rear. Plus the boot is vast and well shaped, and there are lots of handy storage cubbies between the front seats. True, the hybrid is available only as a saloon, which means it has a comparatively small boot opening that limits what you can carry.

But the other models in the range all have a hatchback-style opening that gives easy access.

Ford Motor Company recruited an attractive blonde, a female professional stunt driver, for a hilarious Valentine’s Day video titled, “Speed Dating Prank — Ford Mustang.” The video is part of the company’s publicity campaign for its Mustang.

If you are looking for a Saleen, a Roush or a Shelby, check your rear-view mirror. Lose Your Innocence in 3. Throttle response is immediate and predictable and when coupled with our exclusive suspension and chassis modifications, you have the perfect combination of unrivaled performance for every twist and turn in the road ahead. Argument Against Status Quo Realizing that power means nothing without stability and control, the Steeda G-Trac Suspension and chassis modifications have been strategically engineered to break the performance boundaries of the S Mustang platform.

The result is a level of performance that makes for an unbeatable combination on the street, racetrack or dragstrip — all without sacrifice or compromise. We have undertaken unprecedented measures focusing on dramatically enhancing driving dynamics. We have developed the most comprehensive collection of suspension and chassis upgrades of any manufacturer in the market today — that when taken together, provide power and control on a master scale that is unmatched.

Aerodynamic Design As speed increases, the air rapidly thins out — which is why attention to aerodynamics is so critical in a performance vehicle. Subtle, yet muscular in style, our Steeda aerodynamic changes are designed to function at speed. A full array of strategically-engineered modifications elevate the iconic Mustang to a completely different level of rewarding performance.

Speed Dating Bruxelles

Sure, during your restoration or rebuild you might have stuck some handling springs in or a larger antisway bar; maybe even some urethane bushings in key locations. While these parts certainly do what they claim, they are, more-or-less, Band-Aids on an antiquated suspension that was designed to save Ford money building a large volume of vehicles.

This is one reason why once Carroll Shelby got ahold of the Mustang to build his G.

Feb 08,  · Speed Dating – Mustang Discussion in ‘The Garage’ started by Orange 94, Feb 8,

We built a K-member, control arms, a manual rack conversion, and rear suspension links. The new combo also uses a Circle D Penta-Series converter with five-disc lockup. El Jefe is powered by a unique 5. To bump the displacement, they machined the block to accept gussets and sleeves, which allow oversized Manley pistons, Manley rods stock length and a standard Boss crank. A set of worked Boss heads move air to the awaiting valves that are set into motion by custom-ground cams.

With 29 psi of boost on tap, the 5.

Guy Martin

Tuesday, August 18, , 3: What do a four-door hatchback and an American muscle car legend have in common? On the surface, these two Fords share nothing more than a blue oval badge and the same red paint. Brian Leon A little graffiti on the Brooklyn streets fit the character of this mischievous hot hatchback perfectly.

Feb 13,  · Mustang speed dating video goes viral. It’s one thing to step into a Mustang with a cute gal in the driver’s seat.

Nevertheless, a limited number of such manual transmission models, particularly on the GT, may be offered towards the end of the year. This gives more room in the back of the vehicle for rear passengers. GPS navigation is available, as is a nine-speaker premium sound system, or a twelve-speaker Shaker Pro surround-sound system. The Convertible remains the same. The Ford Mustang is offered in several models: The base V6 model offers standard features such as the carryover 3.

The model is available in Fastback or Convertible styles. The sporty EcoBoost model offers the same features as the V6 model, but replaces the carryover 3. This model is only available in Fastback style. This model is available in Fastback or Convertible styles.

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As such, many of the things we scribes complained about has been rectified — not the least of which is the fact it now earns a multi-link rear suspension. In the past, the reason given for retaining leaf springs and antiquated solid rear axle was for the drag racers who purchased Mustang. Frankly, that was piffle. The new suspension imparts so much more refinement with nothing in the way of downsides — it still drag races as well as it ever did.

The refinement shows up in two very different areas.

ford mustang speed dating prank. Take a mustang and a beautiful professional stunt , ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to we’ll be able to look as bored and sophisticated as any Sophomore of them all.-inclusion is now clearly the prevalent form in and mail.

Richard Holdener June 1, Photos By: Greg Jarem Though it may be difficult to believe, superchargers actually predated the fuel-injected 5. Those of us with a few years under our belts remember when the Paxton planetary-drive blowers were the only game in town, and actually running across one on the street was a real surprise.

Those early planetary-drive Paxton blowers have since given way to such impressive offerings as the gear-driven Novi , , and my favorite the ever-impressive Novi Where early Paxton blowers were hard pressed to support hp, the modern Novi is capable of more than doubling that number. Paxton now offers self-lubricated models of these impressive blowers.

Though the innovators of Mustang supercharger kits, Paxton isn’t alone in supercharger offerings for the Blue Oval brigade. Paxton is one of the oldest names in supercharging for Mustangs. And how could we not to mention the various supercharger offerings directly from Ford? While Ford did offer Paxton supercharged motors back when Carroll Shelby was putting the hurt on Ferrari, the modern era likely began with the M62 supercharger applied to the Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe.

Ford supplied truck owners with an impressive gift in the form of the 5. An easy second machine right off the showroom floor 13s if driven well , the Lightning mill demonstrated that the Two-Valve mod motors really responded to boost, and what motor doesn’t? Internally, centrifugal blowers feature a transmission that steps up the ratio of engine speed to impeller speed. Ford added an M Roots-style supercharger to the 4.

OMG! Speed Dating Prank 2015 Ford Mustang YouTube Video

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